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Fotile GAG86309 EPS Cooktop – 34″

Fotile GAG86309 EPS Cooktop – 34″

Maximizing Efficiency, Power, and Safety, FOTILE’s EPS combines everything you are looking for in a cooktop. Featuring a 12-step safety protection, FOTILE’s EPS cooktops help to prevent fire hazards and harmful gas leaks from adversely affecting your family’s health. The heating efficiencies of EPS cooktops are about 50% higher than average, making this series an economical choice. Available in stainless steel and black tempered glass, you can always find the unit that suits your kitchen.

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  • 34’’ gas cooktop
  • RVIA Certified
  • 14800 BTU burners
  • 2/3 Sealed Burners
  • 50% higher heating efficiency
  • Flame Failure Detection Safety Device
  • 12 safety guarantees


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Jet Collision Technology

Initiates a high-speed collision of gas and oxygen within the extended chamber, ensuring thorough mixing for a steady flame.

Large Premix Compartment

Acts as a gas reservoir, letting in oxygen to combine with the fuel and then releasing the mixture in a steady, unbroken stream.

Large Premix Compartment

Acts as a gas reservoir, letting in oxygen to combine with the fuel and then releasing the mixture in a steady, unbroken stream.

Efficient Combustion

Utilizing larger-sized flame parts around the burner and oxygen flame cap ensures the proper air intake level through the inlets, maximizing the cooktop’s efficiency


34’’ gas cooktop

14,800 BTU burners

2/3 Sealed Burners

Flame Failure Detection Safety Device

50% higher heating efficiency

12 safety guarantees


Model: GAG86309

Certification ETL
Product Size (W x D x H): 33 6/7 x 19 2/3
Build-in Size(WxDxH)(inch) 32 3/16 x 18 1/8
No. of Burner 3
Panel Material Tempered Glass
Pan Support Cast Iron
Gas Type NG

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Heating Load(BTU) L: 14800 M: 5800 R: 14800
Power Supply Battery
Heating Efficiency ≥60%
Fast Ignition
Net Weight(lb) 18
Gross Weight(lb) 20
Packing-Box Size (WxDxH)(inch) 35 7/8 x 21 1/2 x 8 5/16

Manuals & Downloads


FOTILE is offering (from the date of purchase) five years limited warranty on Gas Cooktop products.ONE (1) YEARS FULL WARRANTY ON ALL FOTILE GAS COOKTOP PARTS AND LABOR, AND FOUR (4) YEARS LIMITED WARRANTY ON ALL PARTS OF FOTILE GAS COOKTOP PRODUCTS*